This ministry began in 2013 to support our brothers and sisters in Christ in the town of Arniquet, Haiti. Our focus is the Gospel of Jesus Christ lived out through word and deed. We run Pastor's conferences, medical clinics, and summer camps for children. Food, supplies and shelter after Hurricane Matthew devastated the area on Oct.4, 2016. 

Join with us in helping the people living in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

100% of Every Donation goes directly to Haiti !

  • This photo was taken at our 2017 conference attended by 45 pastors. Three classes were taught during the week: Practical Pastor Ministry, Christology and I Timothy. Pastors receive written material translated to Haitian Creole along with Haitian Bibles. Every day they are proved breakfast, lunch and the finances need to travel to and from the conference.

  • We provided 16 weeks of medical clinics from 2013-2016. 9,875 Haitians received medical care by hiring Haitian doctors, nurses, and support staff. We started in an abandoned orphanage and moved into a building which we built on leased land. Hurricane Matthew totally destroyed our clinic building in 2016 and we are looking to rebuild.

  • Structured activities for children are few and far between in Haiti. The summer camps look like a Vacation Bible School. There is singing, Bible lessons, Crafts and Games. Every day children are fed breakfast and lunch. Towards the end of the week there is a field trip and on the last day a closing ceremony.