Craig and Jill Coughlin

Craig Coughlin went to Haiti for the first time in the summer of 2011.  This trip lasted seven weeks.  During this time, he was able to help several churches clean up after the earthquake that had devastated the country in 2010. He stayed at the HCRM orphanage for three weeks and traveled the country with new Haitian friends.


The following summer, Craig's wife Jill joined him for a two-week trip to Haiti. God led them to finance a two-day medical clinic which was run by Haitians. Craig and Jill had been seeking God's will for their involvement in Haiti and it was while ministering at this clinic that the Lord spoke to their hearts.


They started a 501c3 non-profit to help the Haitian people and named it "givingall". givingall is a Christ-centered ministry that empowers Haitians to help their fellow Haitians.  The board of givingall is made up of wonderful people who are committed to this vision and who serve faithfully in many ways.


Craig and Jill are both teachers in southern New Jersey.

Key Partnerships

The ministry of gvingall is successful because of the key partnerships that have been developed.  It is an amazing story to hear how connections have been made with some of these key players, and it is truly humbling to sit back and treasure the deep relationships that have been formed and the productive working relationship that has been achieved!  We treasure our partners in Haiti!

  • Dr. Whislter St. Louis

    There is no way to over-emphasize the importance of Doctor St. Louis' role on the ground in Arniquet.  Doctor Whistler is deeply respected in this community where his wife, Judith, grew up.  He could so very easily be elsewhere, furthering his career, but his heart is planted in Arniquet.  Doctor Whistler directs our medical clinics and plays a key role in planning, administration and vision.  Doctor Whislter deeply loves the Lord and the ministry of givingall.  

  • Julbin Robuste  (Jovanni)

    We are greatly indebted to the Lord for the relationship with Jovani and the key role he fills with givingall.  Jovani is preparing for full-time ministry in seminary.  He is a brilliant man with a natural ease with people.  He has natural leadership abilities, a thirst for truth and learning, and it is clear to us all that we have only begun to see how the Lord will use him going forward.  Jovani plays key roles in so many ministries and pursuits.  We are indebted to this fine man.

  • Many other key players

    Only the Lord can orchestrate the types of connections that have been a part of the ministry of givingall.  We are blessed to have amazing Haitians whom we support to do the work of givingall. The doctors, nurses, teachers, cooks, and support staff are dedicated to helping their Haitian brothers and sisters. Serving in partnership with them is what makes this ministry a hope to the people of this community.