Disaster relief and infrastructure development

Though extreme poverty abounds, there has been "stabilization" since the 2010 earthquake, and some return to "normalcy."  

Our efforts have thus been geared  towards longer term infrastructure and leadership development.  Along came Matthew and changed everything!  Not according to plan, but out of sheer necessity, our focus must shift to full-out disaster relief and containment for the present.  Many decisions must be made as we seek to focus on sparing and sustaining life in the difficult months ahead.  We desperately need your help in this venture!

Medical Clinics

At each clinic we hire Haitian doctors, nurses, cooks, translators, helpers and laborers. In a poverty stricken nation with unemployment estimated at over 60%, it makes good sense to put Haitians to work.

There is a clinic fee of 25 gourdes, which is equivalent to 54 cents. We charge this minimal fee to put a value on the healthcare people are receiving. Many people come to Haiti and give free clinics but this devalues the Haitian people. Haitian doctors and nurses do not need to compete with free health care provided by relief workers.

Basic Supplies

Along with the medication prescribed, we also provide some basic supplies.

The clinics open at 6:00am and close at 7:00pm. Patients start arriving before sunrise, some walking more than 5 kilometers to get there. Patients pay their fee and are given a registration number. At registration, information is gathered and vital signs are taken. Patients may wait a few hours for their short visit with the doctor. After their doctor visit, they go to the pharmacy and see a nurse. Depending upon what has been prescribed, they may receive fluids, shots, vitamins, meds and some basic supplies.

Pastors Conferences

Pastors from Arniquet and the surrounding region come together and are hosted at the givingall guest house for an intensive week of training.  American pastors and elders donate their time to come and teach Haiti's Christian leaders.  

There is no cost for the Haitian pastors attending the conference. Each pastor is housed and fed during the week. This conference provides desperately needed education for pastors who have few opportunities to further their education.

We have participation from dozens of churches in the surrounding areas. As our pastor training enters its third year, deep bonds and relationships are being formed with these leaders.

Summer Camps

Summer camp usually runs during the third week of August.

Camp consists of 50+ children, ages 5 to 15, who spend six hours a day learning and having fun!  They are led by adult volunteers.  They are fed every day, which is a major expense.  Feeding children ensures their minds and bodies are ready to perform. Providing meals also lessens the daily burden for families trying to put food on the table each day. Camp not only lifts the spirits of the children, but provides relief to the parents.

Sponsor A Child

Please contact us by -mail if you are interested in sponsoring a child for summer camp.  You will receive camp pictures and updates.