What is it that we are wanting to see?

We are committed to helping Haitians help Haitians!  We are convinced that we help best by empowering our Haitian brothers and sisters in every way we can.  To that end, we don't bring down large groups of Americans to serve, rather we train and equip Haitian nationals, and invest in them as they serve their own people.  Not only do we feel this is a better use of resources, we believe that it is the only type of help that helps long-term, and we are committed to the long-term vision of seeing Haitians change their own country.  Ultimately, we believe that the Gospel of Christ, embraced and lived out by believers who are equipped and encouraged to serve, has the power to transform the nation of Haiti!  That is our desire!

To this end, we have chosen a specific geographic section of Haiti in which to minister. We have sought to go where no one was going.  Our strategic vision was to invest in the town of Arniquet and the surrounding towns and villages.  This is a remote area in southern Haiti.  Little did we know that, after Hurricane Matthew, we would find ourselves as the only organization with a foot-print in an area with thousands of devastated lives.  We don't think that was a coincidence!