Pastor's Conferences

Our first pastor's conference was three years into our work in Haiti. We quickly learned that it is the most important work that we can do. In the 4th Chapter of Ephesians we are charged with equipping the saints for the work of ministry for building up the body of Christ. The rural pastors of Haiti need to be be equipped to fight the spiritual battle that is before them. Building up the body of Christ in their communities requires them to know the Scripture and how to use it to build up disciples in their churches.

  • 2015

    Our first pastor's conference was attended by twelve Pastor's. We taught the 5 Solas from the reformation. Scripture alone has the authority. Salvation is found through the finished work of Christ alone. It is given by God's grace alone and can only be obtained through faith alone. Which leads to all the glory being God's alone. Important concepts for Haitian pastors to understand. It is easy for the message of the cross to watered down with these cultural beliefs and traditions. The simple message that it the finished work of Christ on the cross that provides the only way to have a right relationship with God is being distorted in Haiti and around the world. 

  • 2016

    The second pastors conference was attended by forty-two pastors. We offered three courses during the week. Sin and Salvation, The Holy Spirit, and the book of First John. We started the week offering all three courses at the same time in small groups rotating them to different teachers. Half way through the week we switched to presenting the courses one at a time to the whole group. we did this because of the space, heat, and rain storms all became a distraction. Keeping the large group together for each class led to much deeper discussions after each class. The two weeks following the conference we were able to visit the churches these men pastored getting to know them and their ministry better.

  • 2017

    Our third pastor's conference was attended by fifty-two pastors. Three classes were taught this year as well. The book of First Peter, a course on Practical Pastoral Ministry, and Christology which is a theological study of the person and work of Jesus Christ. This would be the first year we were able to utilize the second floor of the guesthouse. We had lost our clinic to Hurricane Matthew and spent most of our budget in relief efforts. Building the second floor on the guesthouse gave us a more adequate space for the pastor's conferences and children camps. It would also give us space if the community needed (119 people left homeless after the Hurricane Matthew lived in the guesthouse)

  • 2018

    We will be teaching through the Sermon on the Mount this coming summer. We will be looking at the difference between the false promises of the kingdoms of men and the truth about the Kingdom of God. We will be continuing the procedures we have gone through each year. Each pastor is provided with a Haitian Bible, study guides written in Haitian Creole, and a draw string backpack. Breakfast and lunch are provided each day and the pastors are compensated for their travel to and from the conference. At the end of the week certificates of completion along with a group photo is presented to everyone.